Shark Theme Bedroom

My son and I both love sharks. When he asked me if he could decorate his room with shark décor, I may have been more excited than he was. He’s 12 now, so it won’t be long before he doesn’t ask for themes anymore. I told him to add his favorites to his Christmas list and I picked a few things to surprise him. I’ll apologize in advance for how many times I’ll use the word “shark” in this short blog.

He’s almost as picky as I am, which is comical, but he had a hard time finding shark things for his bedroom that didn’t look like they were for little kids. The only bed set he could find that he really liked was actually the duvet set shown, but it works. He uses his old blanket underneath and the shark duvet is a cover when he makes his bed (that doesn’t always happen, as some of you may also experience).

He found shark pillowcases, the shark water bottle, and piggy bank (sharky bank? Kidding…) while we were at Target for his birthday, so he got those first, which kick-started his shark bedroom idea. We searched for wall décor ideas and found a fun watercolor print, a black and white photo made into a canvas print that we added to a frame, and the awesome handmade wood art on Etsy that’s about 3 feet wide. He even got to pick the stain color.




I surprised him with a real megalodon shark tooth and two shark tooth dig kits. The night light was also a surprise, which is hard to photograph unless it’s turned on, but it looks like a hologram when the lights are off. Pretty neat! The shark toys on top of the bookshelf were a gift from a loved one and the deck of cards were from my best friend. He has two stuffed sharks from a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium and I’ve lost count of how many other things, including clothes, he has with them on. The blue and white curtains were already there from his Avenger’s theme and work perfectly, so there’s no need to change them, although I think thick wood blinds in white would look nice.


I’m sure we’ll be adding to his collection over the next couple of years before he decides he wants a typical boring teenager room, which may not be so bad since I’ll get to keep all this fun shark stuff. Maybe I can have a shark-themed woman cave? A shark-shed? Now I’m on to something!




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