Santa’s Magic Footprints DIY

The same year I made a magic key for Santa is the first year I made magic footprints as well. The kids woke up surprised and wondering what this powder was that went from the door to the presents under the Christmas tree. They knew it wasn’t snow since it wasn’t cold and wet, and they didn’t know sugar came in powder form. Thankfully, they didn’t do a taste-test to see if they could figure out what it was.

This was such a quick and fun thing to do and it left us with great memories and a short-lived new tradition, since they only believed in Santa for two more years after that. All it takes is a bag of powdered/confectioner’s sugar (or flour), a spoon, and a pair of boots. The bigger, the better, since Santa is a big guy. I’ll also let you know I haven’t tried this on carpet or rugs so I’m not sure how easy cleaning up would be if you did it on either of those. I did it on hardwood and laminate flooring. The photos I have from when I made Santa’s footprints when my kids were younger aren’t very clear, so I repeated it today using my daughter’s snow boots to show you how it’s done. I’m still including the old photos so you can see how neat it looks when the footprints go the whole way across the floor.

First, set one boot down near the door or fireplace (wherever Santa enters your house) and use the spoon to put powdered sugar all around the boot leaving a print. Then, put the second boot the length of one stride away and repeat over and over, left boot, right boot, until you reach the Christmas tree. Once there, put two footprints right next to each other like Santa was standing or squatting to leave the presents. That’s it! You can tell the kids that’s the “magic” left behind from Santa’s visit to give them gifts. You could also leave prints going back out the door/fireplace, but that would be a little messier. Speaking of messy, clean-up is quick with a vacuum using the hose attachment. That way you’ll get the sugar in the cracks of your floor, too. If you use a broom it might just spread the sugar into the cracks making it more difficult to pick up.

If you’re interested in a DIY a magic key for Santa to go with these magic footprints, see my other blog post here:

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