Mod Star Outlet Plug-In Warmer


Mod Star Outlet Plug-In Warmer


This Mod Star Plug-In is sure to be a hit with people who love color and mid-century modern design. Small and compact enough to fit in any room, Happy Wax® Outlet Plug-In Warmers are a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or any room you don’t have space for a tabletop warmer. It also features a built-in night light. This warmer fits horizontal and vertical outlets thanks to the rotatable base, and it includes a silicone wax dish that make our full-size warmers so popular. Just pop out the hardened wax for quick and easy clean-up! Makes a great gift!

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Happy Wax® Warmers work with all scented wax cubes, melts, and tarts and are a great alternative to candles. With a silicone melting dish, using a warmer is no longer a hassle thanks to our easy wax disposal. And, our wax is compostable!


Silicone wax melt dish (No-scrape)

On/Off switch


Base that rotates

15-watt incandescent light bulb

Directions: Add one to two bear wax melts to Outlet Plug-In Warmer

Please note:

Clean with a mild non-abrasive cleaner when needed.

The silicone dish may be put into the dishwasher.

Never put wax down the drain.

Warmer will become hot when in use, so do not move the unit when wax is melted.

To prevent overflow, keep wax below the brim of the warmer.

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Weight47 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 6.5 in