Preparing Your Home for Spring

Just as we prepare the exterior of our homes for winter, we should also get them ready for spring. Don’t worry, this likely won’t take up your entire weekend since most of it is simply checking for damage caused by wind and snow. If you do have repairs to do, it’s better to know as soon as possible so you can plan accordingly.

  • Roof and gutters – Check roof for damage that may have occurred over winter. Spring can bring lots of rain and you don’t want to wait until you have water pouring through your ceiling to fix or replace shingles. Look over gutters and downspouts for clogs or damage. This is important because the weight of snow and high winds can loosen gutters and even pull downspouts out if they aren’t fully secure.
  • Central air unit – Be sure there is nothing leaning against your outdoor a/c unit, including landscaping and debris, that could reduce its efficiency or cause damage. Consider having it serviced by a professional so it’s in working order before you need it. The last thing you’ll want to deal with when you turn your a/c on is having to call a repairman on a hot day when you could be relaxing.
  • Siding – Check siding for damage and be sure it’s properly attached to the house. We recently had our roof replaced and had a leak in one of the bedrooms after it was complete. Part of our siding became loose and detached after high winds.
  • Windows – If you think you’ll want your windows open occasionally to let the spring breeze in, consider replacing the storm windows with screens. Remove and replace old caulk to ensure a proper seal.
  • Deck – If it’s been a few years since you’ve sealed your deck now is a good time to prepare to do it once warmer weather hits. Check for loose boards, splintering, or nails that could cause injury.
  • Exterior perimeter – Look around the bottom of your house where it meets the dirt to make sure there are no openings or broken seals. With spring comes bugs and critters and you don’t want them to turn your home into theirs.

It’s important to check out the exterior of your home from time to time to prevent small problems from becoming larger ones. I mentioned we had a piece of siding come loose that caused a leak inside, but we also had a small tree branch break off onto the edge of our roof and gutter. It wasn’t large enough to cause damage, but these are the things we don’t often think about until something happens. So, walk the perimeter of your home occasionally. It could save you a headache (and money) later.

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