Pineapple Home Gallery

Q&A with Carlos D., One Owner of Pineapple Home Gallery

What made you decide to open your business?

We decided to open our business when Zach came up with the idea of making candles of Christmas gifts for family and friends, we enjoyed the process of creating something that would make people feel good or transport them to their favorite place while smelling our handcrafted candles. We got good feedback from the people that got our candles and we knew this was something we had to continue doing.

What made you choose the name Pineapple Home Gallery?

We chose the name Pineapple Home Gallery because I (Carlos) grew up in the coastal town of Lajas, PR known for its big and sweet pineapples and wanted to show how proud I am of where I came from. We decided to add the Home Gallery part because our goal was to add some home decor into the mix since we love interior decorating.

What’s the most important thing you want people to know about Pineapple Home Gallery?

We want people to know that our business focuses on expressing ourselves through the art of creating something that makes people happy.

What types of products do you sell?

Our business showcases our favorite things like candles, plants which Zach collects and treats like children, art and everything that makes us happy in the hopes of spreading that feeling to our customers.

To contact Carlos or Zach at Pineapple Home Gallery:

Facebook: Pineapple Home Gallery

Instagram: @pineapplehomegallery


Phone: 717-758-8684


You can read about my visits to Pineapple Home Gallery and see a sample of what they have to offer here:

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