Remove Stains from Crock-Pot

The darker your porcelain pot is, the more apparent stains will be in your Crock-Pot. They’re not really “stains”, they’re mineral deposits, and they’re easy to remove. I remove the stains from mine after every three uses or so, so mine never get really stubborn and difficult to remove. A quick rub with white vinegar and it’s good as new for the next use.


Always make sure to remove your pot from the electronic Crock-Pot portion before cleaning it. I add around a half a cup of white vinegar to my pot directly over the stained sides, then let it sit about a minute. Next, I carefully lay the pot on its side and turn it making sure the vinegar touches all the stains again. After another minute or so I rub my hand over the stains and vinegar and once again let it sit for a minute. You can use a sponge or dishcloth to wipe it, but don’t use anything abrasive like scouring pads. Then rinse it with water and a little dish soap and dry it. Most, if not all, of the mineral stains are removed.

Occasionally I may have to repeat the quick process a second time, but I find this is easier than other ways that involve turning the Crock-Pot on and soaking it in water, baking soda or other things, and wasting electricity just to clean it. But my stains never get that bad so my way of cleaning works for me. If you remove stains after every few uses, it should work for you, too.

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