Decorating the Tree

Saying I LOVE the holiday season might be an understatement. I’m one of the crazies who decorates and gets excited long before Thanksgiving arrives, and I can’t apologize or feel bad for my anticipation and happiness. While I love most Christmas décor, I’m doing a (mostly) cozy Woodland theme this year, but adding lots of red and white.


For this year’s tree, some of our ornaments come directly from nature, such as animals made from natural objects like twigs, feathers, and wood. Other ornaments are made from man-made materials but have a “made from nature” look. Clear ball ornaments with fake pine tree pieces and berries inside, some with small (fake) deer antlers with tiny bells attached, and fluffy tree-shapes that look like they were made from a comfy cream-colored sweater. Adding a cranberry garland was a must. Some ornaments are even handmade by us! We wrapped candy canes in twine to hang on the tree and used the twine to hang pine cones we collected from a nature walk. The rest of the ornaments have red to tie in our other holiday décor. The tree skirt is red and looks like a Christmas sweater with rows of white deer, snowflakes, and trees. And I love it ALL.


I typically do a different style of decorating on our trees every year. Some years I’ve even had two trees (when we had two living rooms) because I love the holiday season and decorating them so much. Here are some of the colors and styles I’ve had over the last few years:

  • -Deep blue and white with white poinsettias and glittery (fake) peacock feathers
  • -Rustic Chic
  • -Black with mirror, silver, and white
  • -Aqua with silver and white
  • -Burgundy and gold for a traditional tree
  • -Gold, bronze, and brown
  • -Handmade ornaments my kids have made in school or crafted at home


The decorations change, but one thing that has always remained the same is my love of white lights. Although, I might switch it up in the next few years and get colored lights for the first time. I recently saw a tree with a rainbow/ombre style and fell in love. We’ll see what happens next year.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

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