Center City Pretzel Co.

Q&A with Erika B., of Center City Pretzel Co.

How Did Center City Pretzel begin?

Center City Pretzel Co. began 40 years ago by my dad. It’s a long Italian story! But, he basically did it to get back a bakery that was treated my grandfather badly! It’s South Philly! It turned out it was a great decision and we are now one of the oldest soft pretzel companies around, let alone in the Philadelphia area.

What sets your business apart from “the other guys”?

What sets us apart is this isn’t just something we do, it’s an art, it’s a craft. We procure the highest quality ingredients for a lowly snack- the pretzel. We want a parent to leave here knowing their child won’t have to worry about peanuts or tree nuts or dairy (gluten is the obvious exception) and be able to share a snack with classmates. We are certified kosher as well because we listened to what people wanted and do our best to provide it. We take pride in what we do and that’s why we are a bakery, not a factory. May sound cliche and I’m okay with that, but we really do put love into our pretzels!

Do you deliver?

We do deliver locally but are available thru mail order thru and thru UberEats. Aside from mail order, all other orders must be placed via phone.

To contact Center City Pretzel:

Facebook: Center City Pretzel Co.

Instagram: centercitypretzel

Twitter: CenterCityPrtzl


Phone: 215-463-5664



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