13 Tips for Relaxing Self-Care

For some people relaxing and self-care go hand-in-hand. While not all self-care has to do with putting your feet up and taking a load off, this list is for those who are looking to do just that. So grab a snack and do nothing; you deserve it.

  • Spend time alone. Being alone on purpose is different than feeling lonely. Use your alone time to do anything you want to do. I typically use my alone time to exercise, cook, or relax.
  • Take a bath. Bath time isn’t just for kids. Get some bath bombs or bubble bath and enjoy the peace that water brings. I’m a believer that sitting alone in hot water is good for the soul.
  • Meditate. If I’m honest, I have a hard time meditating because my brain never turns off thanks to anxiety. So even if you can’t meditate, sitting in silence with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing will make you feel good.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Light a candle. Better yet, light a few.
  • Turn off the lights and tv. Find something else to do that doesn’t involve binge-watching shows. Catch up on them later.
  • Sleep.
  • Listen to music. My go-to is Classical when I relax, but I listen different genres depending on what I’m doing. If I’m cooking, I like Billy Joel or soft country, if I’m working out I put on more modern catchy tunes. Did all that just make me sound way older than I am? Oops.
  • Get lost. Take drive through the country alone. Sing at the top of your lungs and forget all your troubles for awhile. Seriously, though…take a gps for the way back. I don’t want you to get *too* lost.
  • Read a book. Check out books to help you in your career, self-help books, or buy a coffee table book about cats. Some of my favorite books don’t even require much reading; they have lots of photos of abandoned buildings or are about ancient cultures. Take a walk around the bookstore or library and see what catches your eye. Go ahead and judge the books by their covers-I won’t tell.
  • Drink tea. Lots of teas aren’t caffeinated, which makes it perfect to enjoy in the evening after a long day or when you’re feeling under the weather. Try making cold-brew versions of your favorite blends to switch it up.
  • Yoga. Even if you aren’t great at it, yoga is a great way to relax. Stretching feels good, and focusing on your breathing can help calm you. I’m about as flexible as an elephant and even I do yoga occasionally. Try free videos online if you’re not sure it’s something you want to sign up for at a studio.
  • Find some water. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ocean, lake, river, pond, creek, or your tub. Go to it. Sit in it or near it. Breathe deeply, watch the movement of the water, and listen. You’ll feel in tune with nature and yourself, and refreshed to start another day.

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